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Larissa works closely with all of her clients to achieve their long term goals whether they be improved health, gynaecological issues or help with pregnancy.  You can read more here about some of the people she has helped on their journey.

"I attended the Iyengar Yoga Remedial therapy course with Larissa to help ease my back pain caused from OCD, scoliosis, lower limb discrepency and a prosthetic limb. She was a warm, assuring and considerate teacher. I remain particularly impressed by her knowledge of Iyengar Yoga and how it can be adapted to meet bodies with diverse needs like mine. Since attending the course I have gained a renewed confidence and strength in myself. Thoroughly recommended! Needless to say I am feeling very grateful to be a part of this class!”

Terry Hertford

“Larissa helped my husband and I overcome our fertility issues and now we have a beautiful little boy.  We will be back for help with number 2!”

JL St Albans

I have suffered from migraines once a month for my whole adult life. After just 2 treatments with Larissa my headaches stopped and for the first time in my life I had a period without a migraine. I still can't believe they are gone! I am continuing treatments with Larissa because life without migraines is just a dream come true

GB St Albans


I came to see larissa back in 2012. I was suffering quite badly from sinusitus. it was causing me a lot of pain and the doctors kept throwing anti-biotics at me, but nothing was changing so a friend of mine suggested acupuncture. I work in St Albans so i had a look at who was in the local area. I was impressed with Larissa and so i booked an appointment. I was really nervous about needles but she soon put my mind at rest and made me feel very relaxed. Larissa took the time to get to know me, build a relationship and to really listen to what I was experiencing. She treated the sinusitus and after several sessions it decreased and then went. I carried on seeing her on the lead up to my wedding and she helped me manage stress, treated migraines, back ache and bladder infections. then after I got married I had bells palsy. I decided to give Larissa a call and go back for treatments, she was really supportive, understanding and helped me through that time. In the last 10 months I have also been seeing her for fertility treatment and I dont know what I would have done without her. I had two miscarriages and she supported and treated me through them and is now currently treating me while I am pregnant. She helps me to relax, feel less anxious and she really supports me enabling my emotions to be released and to level out. I value my sessions a lot and would highly recommend Larissa and the acupuncture she does. it makes such a difference and I will continue to go for whatever else I may need !!!

Hayley - St Albans


Larissa is such an amazing healer! I had a terrible botched appendix surgery when i was a child, after only one treatment my scar was betterand my pain was gone. In the meantime she successfully helped my knee pain and my digestion! I also LOVE her facial acupuncture treatment that makes me feel so energised and years younger!

ML Edinburgh


Larissa has helped my frozen shoulder! In 3 treatments I can now raise my hand over my head, I haven't been able to do that for some time.Go see her you won't regret it!

TK St Albans

I started seeing Larissa for anxiety and insomnia. Her treatments helped me so much. Now I have the tools to be able to calm myself down as she taught me some yogic breathing exercises. I really feel like my life is on the mend. Larissa has such a nice calm way of helping. I always leave her office calm and grounded.

CB St Albans

“Going through IVF treatments was so stressful and tiring.  Larissa’s fertility acupuncture treatments were so calming during such a difficult time. Now I’m pregnant and am so grateful for her help.”

AG St Albans

After several acupuncture treatments my headaches have stopped and I haven't had one in over a year. If you suffer from chronic headaches you will know what I mean when i say this has changed my life...When i start to feel tired or run down I quickly book an acupuncture treatment as I know it will stop the migraine process before it starts. Thank you Larissa!

MH St Albans


I am a professional dancer. I went to Larissa during a crisis in which my back went into complete spasm. I was dancing every night that week and there was no one to cover my roles. The show must go on, right? After one session with Larissa, my back muscles relaxed and I was able to perform like normal. She is a true healer and an exceptional, beautiful spirit. Anyone would be lucky to work with her. I live in NYC, a land blessed with an abundance of phenomenal holistic healers, and I am completely jealous of all of Larissa's clients!!!

Daniel - New York


I have attended a number of Larissa's Iyengar yoga classes at the Yoga Hall and can say that she is an excellent yoga teacher. I am a beginner at Iyengar yoga and I feel fully supported in her classes. She has an authentic and warm personality and she is very enthusiastic about what she teaches. I always look forward to Tuesday mornings when I attend her classes.

Elena - St Albans


I started seeing Larissa in 2008 for facial acupuncture as I heard that acupuncture was a safe non invasive way of having a "face lift."Since then I have seen her many times over many years for many things! I love my acu facial which i get anytime i need a "lift" or pick up,and in the meantime with Larissa's help and support I have quit smoking and sorted my digestive problems! 

LP St Albans


I started seeing Larissa to get pregnant, with a long history of PCOS I was starting to get really worried about my biological clock.After 4 treatments I was pregnant! It was amazing and I highly recommend Larissa for acupuncture for fertility



I was so worried that I wouldn't get pregnant after miscarrying several times. Larissa's kind and knowledgable manner put me at ease immediately and within a few treatments i was pregnant! I saw her throughout my pregnancy and she helped me so much. Now I have a beautiful baby daughter, thank you!!!!

LA St Albans

"I have studied Iyengar Yoga with Larissa for several years in St Albans.  Her classes are lively, challenging and compassionate.  The changes in my body have been profound and I am able to do things I didn’t think I could at the start.  Her expertise is really apparent, I am so happy to have found her class that now feels like a family and I feel really grateful for all that she has given me.  Hugely recommended!"

LK St Albans



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