Fertility Acupuncture


The use of acupuncture can greatly aid women in treating conditions related to fertility. Traditional Chinese medicine has a long history of treating women's health problems, with texts from 200 BC describing medicinal plants used to treat infertility. Today Traditional Chinese medicine specialists have adapted and incorporated these traditional applications into modern fertility treatments. This has resulted in clinical feedback and research suggesting that acupuncture is capable of significantly enhancing fertility. This research has included:


  • The effect of acupuncture in increasing pregnancy rates when used prior to and post embryo replacement during IVF

  • The effect of acupuncture in increasing blood supply to the uterus and ovaries

  • The effect of acupuncture in regulating hormones directly involved in follicle development and implantation

  • The effect of acupuncture in increasing sperm motility and reducing the presence of abnormal sperm

  • Abstracts and details of publication for this research are available here.


Larissa has long experience treating women at every stage of their journey, helping them to get into optimal shape; physiologically, nutritionally and emotionally – for all the vital stages of childbirth from pre-conception to conception, pregnancy and the months immediately after birth.

Fertility conditions that can benefit from acupuncture include;


  • IVF support

  • Endometriosis

  • PCOS

  • Period pain

  • Irregular periods

  • Immunology issues

  • Frequent miscarriage

  • Stress

  • Sperm issues

  • Pre and Post Embryo transfer

  • Morning sickness

  • Aches and pains in pregnancy

  • Labour induction

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“Larissa helped my husband and I overcome our fertility issues and now we have a beautiful little boy.  We will be back for help with number 2!”

JL St Albans

I started seeing Larissa for anxiety and insomnia. Her treatments helped me so much. Now I have the tools to be able to calm myself down as she taught me some yogic breathing exercises. I really feel like my life is on the mend. Larissa has such a nice calm way of helping. I always leave her office calm and grounded.

CB St Albans

“Going through IVF treatments was so stressful and tiring.  Larissa’s acupuncture treatments were so calming during such a difficult time. Now I’m pregnant and am so grateful for her help.”

AG St Albans