Korean Hand Therapy


Korean Hand Therapy (KHT) has taken Korea by storm and spread to 50 countries worldwide. Starting in Japan in 1978, as of now 17 foreign countries in Asia, Europe and the Americas have KHT centres teaching the techniques. Korea has 190 centres and over four million people worldwide have taken training.


KHT is a unique and versatile style of micro reflex acupuncture. Precise mapping of all the body TCM points are reflected on the hand enabling practitioners to apply all acupuncture paradigms from normal point stimulation, reduction and tonification to 5 element practise and the use of extraordinary channels. KHT is used to treat all the modern diseases and disorders that body acupuncture is used for.


KHT provides an additional treatment approach to quickly and effectively resolve today’s complex health problems through traditional energetic medicine. Larissa is a Level Two certified KHT practitioner and was certified in Seoul, South Korea at the KHT Institute.

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Acupuncture Childbirth Team
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Zita West


“Larissa helped my husband and I overcome our fertility issues and now we have a beautiful little boy.  We will be back for help with number 2!”

JL St Albans

I started seeing Larissa for anxiety and insomnia. Her treatments helped me so much. Now I have the tools to be able to calm myself down as she taught me some yogic breathing exercises. I really feel like my life is on the mend. Larissa has such a nice calm way of helping. I always leave her office calm and grounded.

CB St Albans

“Going through IVF treatments was so stressful and tiring.  Larissa’s acupuncture treatments were so calming during such a difficult time. Now I’m pregnant and am so grateful for her help.”

AG St Albans